Shelly Zachlinsky - President

Certified Public Accountant and Real Estate Appraiser, MBA. Serves as a director in a number of private companies (family owned). Previously, she conducted auditing at the accountancy firm of BDO Ziv Haft and the owner and manager of YF BF (a private textile company). She is a volunteer in the Pa’amonim organization, and lectures in family economics workshops.

Hadar Zofiof Hacohen - Co-CEO

Zofiof Hacohen holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management from Tel Hai College and a master’s degree in Political Science and Internal Auditing from Bar Ilan University, where she is currently completing a second master’s degree in Law Studies. She has extensive experience in corporate governance, capital markets, audit, and board work, and she lectures in director courses.

Her journey with the Directors Association began about 9 years ago as an assistant CEO. She was later appointed as COO and then as Deputy CEO. In the past two years, she has worked as a corporate governance coordinator and business development manager at an investment house.
Before joining the Directors Association, she worked at the law firm Zisman Aharoni Gayer in the legal and finance departments.